Jaymie Jones Photography

Penny On Guard and Focused

My cat Penny watching over her domain like the batman.

Malia Taking a Break

Malia taking a break from little kickers practice one evening.

Theres more than one side to a person

By candlelight

Outdoor arrangements at my sisters wedding.

Self Portrait of One

A self portrait of ones self. One light with a reflective umbrella, self timer shot.

Noah William Walton

Innocent Smiles

Snapper Rocks Heavy Perfection

Its been quite stormy weather which has whipped up some swell but it has been quite dangerous behind the rocks at Snapper where you usually start your waves at. Not so this day, not even the locals trying to surf out there. Some surfers waiting in the keyhole to paddle out get to see a rare back breaker grinding through unridden. Quite a rarity to see waves of that calibre out there go unridden.

Dbah Sunrise

A morning sunrise at Duranbah Beach on the Gold Coast.

Bear Giggles

Bear Love and Bear Hugs

Dbah Punt

Surfing is slowly moving into the ariel style which is more common with bodyboarding. This surfer performing a risky air which accounts for a large amount of snapped boards. Not cheap at $700+ each

Malia Being Malia

My niece Malia being the little poser she is.

Parked view

There are not too many places in Australia where you can literally park your car and watch a display of surfing from bodyboarders and stand up riders. This is one of those places, Dbah Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Gold Coast Perfection

The Gold Coast, Australia, can be seen as paradise to holiday makers. Not only to holiday makers though but for surfers worldwide who can chase the infamous Kirra point break. This wave only works a handful of times a year and can be deceptively inviting. Not a wave to be taken lightly when there is a good amount of swell around as it can be very unforgiving.

Dbah Invert

Bodyboarding involves various spins and twists in the air, very acrobatic style. Rob Laurie performing a tweaked invert at Dbah Beach on the Gold Coast Australia.

Snapper drainer

Ducking under the lip for a longer perfect barrel. Getting in the barrel this early can lead to a 30 second+ barrel if surfed perfectly.

Snapper backwash

A surfer dodging the potentially very danger backwash at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast.

Off the top snap

A snap off the top just after the take-off at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast

Wind Flared Barrel

Gozzy under a flaring lip at Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast


Friend of mine preparing for a long surf session at Dbah Beach on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Creamy Newborn

Not long after being born, the first family dinner with the new addition.

The simple things.

The simple things in life, nearly always the best.

Grom Dodges a Set

A Young grommet dodges a set before he jumps out into the surf behind the rocks at Snapper Rocks.

Froggies Foam Explosion

Froggies Rocks, a common place for surfers to perform a "rock jump" to gain easy access to the take off zone at Snapper Rocks which is part of the infamous "Superbank" on the Gold Coast.

Gabi at Dbah

A quick candid shot (it actually was) of my friends wife Gabi.

Matthew Lackey Getting Barrelled

Lackey getting barrelled while his wife Gabi watches in the foreground.

Pondering Jordan

Light, so simple, so beautiful, so powerful

No Takers At Froggies

No takers on this bomb at Froggies on the Gold Coast, Australia

The mask is off

Playing around with some bare flash

The mask hides what is real

Playing around with some bare flash, masked.